Алиса Ширханян

-Take a pencil and try to draw something. It seems you have a good perception of light and colors.
-Yes, but I have never drew anything, neither showed any talent at school…
-Just try it… you don’t risk anything.
It was 1999 that my colleague Arguine believed in me and made me to discover a completely different world – the world of art and emotions. I discovered myself, I discovered another person sleeping deep inside of me for so many years.  
Soon, instead of shopping in nice shops, I was choosing with enthusiasm different brushes, canvases, oil and scetchbox in small and crowded boutiques and enjoying trying different techniques of painting. Who could ever think of it a year ago! Nevertheless, after one year or so, the everyday routine and other problems did not leave any spare time and space for myself and I returned to my previous life where light and colors did not matter.
I can not recall exactly the moment that I felt the urge to paint again in 2015. I surprised myself by the joy and happiness of undusting my brushes. Now I am self-taught painter and never tried to take lessons from professional artists and get academic knowledge. I get inspiration from my dreams, my feelings and the nature where everything exists in harmony and love.

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